Himno de Libia
Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar Fauqua Kaidi L'mutadi

Allahu Lilmazlumi Hairumu'ayyidi

Allahu Ana Bilyaqini Wabissilahi Saaftadi

Baladi Wanuru L-haqqi Yastau Fi Yadi

Qulu Mai

Qulu Mai

Allahu Allahu Allahu Akbar

Allahu Fauqa L-mutadi.

Ya Hadihi Ddunya Atilli Wa 'Smai

Gaisu L-aadi Ga'a Yabgi Masrai

Bil-haqqi Saufa Fa-saufa Afnihi Mai.

Qulu Mai L-wailu Lil-mustamiri

Wa Llahu Fauqa L-gadiri L-mutagabbiri

Allahu Akbaru Ya Biladi Kabbiri

Wa-hudi Binasiyati L-mugiri Wa-dammiri.

God is greatest!

God is greatest!

He is above plots of the aggressors,

And He is the best helper of the oppressed.

With faith and with weapons I shall defend my country,

And the light of truth will shine in my hand.

Sing with me!

Sing with me!

God is greatest!

God is greatest!

God, God, God is greatest!

God is above the aggressors.

O world, look up and listen!

The enemy's army is coming,

Wishing to destroy me.

With truth and with my gun I shall repulse him.

And should I be killed,

I would kill him with me.

Sing with me -

Woe to the Imperialists!

And God is above the treacherous tyrant.

God is greatest!

Therefore glorify Him, O my country,

And seize the forehead of the tyrant

And destroy him!