Himno de Lituania
Lietuva, tÅvyne mñs÷ ,

Tu didvyri÷ ûemÅ

Iš praeities tavo sñnñs

Te stiprybÄ semia!

Tegul saulÅ Lietuvos

Tamsumus prašalina

Ir šviesa ir tiesa

Mus ûingnius telydi

Tegul tavo vaikai eina

vien takais dorybÅs!

Tegul dirba tavo naudai

Irûmoni÷ gÅrybes!

Tegul meilÅ Lietuvos

Dega mñs÷ širdyse

Vardan tos Lietuvos

VienybÅ teûydi!

Lithuania, land of heroes,

Thou our Fatherland that art,

From the glorious deeds of ages

Shall Thy children take heart.

May Thy children ever follow

Their heroic fathers

In devotion to their country

And good will to others.

May the sun of our loved shore

Shine upon us evermore;

May the right and the truth

Keep our pathway lighted.

May the love of our dear land

Make us strong of heart and hand,

May our land ever stand

Peaceful and united.